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Greatest Hits


Yushimi is the solo project by songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Lucia Vivanco the coherent and centred voice of a more raw interior self. The sweetest sensitive voice that could have reached PJ Harvey or a rudest and aggressive Beth Orton. Inside this suitcase of where Yushimi keeps subtle lo fi melodies, resides a virtual luggage that contains some chamber pop or even artists like 'Til Tuesday or Erykah Badu. Yushimi doesn't sound like any of the artists mentioned above, she simply sings from the inside to give an honest, personal and unexpected performance.

She has collaborated with many different acts from her native Peru like Susana Baca, Resplandor, Novalima, Pedro Suarez-Vertiz, etc. While living in London since 2000 until 2011,she has collaborated with Gold Sounds, Hacia dos Veranos and Cineplexx.

She developed her lo fi minimal folk, when she started recording her beautiful personal songs with a hand recorder in her flat in London. Some of these songs are included in the debut album Greates Hits, produced by Diego Martinez, Sebastian Litmanovich and Damon Krukowski (Galaxie 500). The sound of Yushimi has been influenced by artists like Julie Doiron , Kath Bloom, Scout Nibblett and Linda Ronstadt.

More info: www.facebook.com/pages/Yushimi/124547114275591


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