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One of the most influential present bands of Noise Pop/Shoegaze from New York. "Hush" is their third and maybe their best work after the already praised "Citrus" which will edited by Automatic on October 09. The record has received the best reviews from the press in magazines like Mojo, Spin, Uncut and more.

MOJO **** (4 stars): “Cavernous, post-shoegazing pop from Brooklyn”

SPIN **** (4 stars): “This Brooklyn group's previous albums established them as shoegaze confectioners, molding candy swirls out of Yuki Chikudate's soaring, translucent voice and guitarist James Hanna's Kevin Shields–worshiping production. But here, Asobi Seksu do something My Bloody Valentine can't -- leave Shields behind. "Sing Tomorrow's Praise" and "Me & Mary" evoke iciness over icing, with more expansive cool than insidious sweetness. And the duo's seasick guitars ("Layers"), ethereal synths ("Gliss"), and Japanese lyricism ("Meh No Mae") still provide plenty of geeky studio epiphanies.”

UNCUT **** (4 stars): “Sumptuous slices of bliss-pop with an art-punk edge”

PLAN B: “After a period as America's finest shoegaze revivalists, Asobi Seksu now leave genres behind and document the night sky”

THE FLY: “Yuki Chikudate's vocals are sweet, but dangerously amplified”

CLASH: “Contenders for being one of the most inventive bands out there”

MONOCLE: “Hush is their best yet: dreamy pop that drips with infectious imagination while handily living up their unusual name”

Available since October 2009

This record will be presented in Lima as a part of their world tour.

More information in: www.asobiseksu.com / www.myspace.com/asobiseksu


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