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Exceptional guitarist, founder and head of Cocteau Twins, band that has had great influence during the last 25 years. Since Cocteau Twins became separated a little more than one decade ago, he always keep himself busy with a soloist career of great importance, as well as with collaborations including his launching After The Night Falls / Before The Dawn Breaks with Harold Budd and a work in a previous sountrack (Mysterious Skin de Gregg Araki) as well as the production of bands of great level.

3:19 is the second original soundtrack in his career; his sound contribution always private, quiet and suggestive, composed by the different tonalities that he can pull out from his guitar as well as from pianos and other string instruments plus thousand of effects and electronic beats which are placed in an almost minimal and at the same time ghostly way, serve as musical framework in the spanish movie 03:19 AM http://319lapelicula.com/, which has been showed in different independent film festivals. In short, the above soundtrack is an ethereal and sublime work.

Considering that this spanish movie is about three friends, one has terminal cancer; the atmosphere of each one of the 10 tracks which include 03:19 AM, title extracted from the bible genesis book, that verse which ends with the phrase "So you are dust and in dust you shall return“. This can give you an idea of the sound that Guthrie has wanted to cited. This record take us to the best and most ethereal period of the Cocteau Twins from the album Victorialand with such atmospheres that we would not notice because of the absence of Liz Frazier.


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