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Conditions & Shopping details - AUTOMATIC ENTERTAINMENT

The information sent to Automatic Entertainment is not shared with other companies and it is only used for customer service and improvement purposes.

We do not have minimum order quantity. The prices of the CDS are in american dollars.
In spite we manage a security for each of our CDS, it could happen that we can run out of stock for one or some of them. In that case, you will receive an email with a tentative delivery or availability date.
All the payments are done through 2Checkout.com Inc (2checkout.com) and they guarantee total security in credit cards. 2CO is one of the world’s biggest companies that process credit cards. Automatic Entertainment is a certificated vendor of 2CO (the icon is at the end of the page)
As soon as you send us an order, we will send you an email with all the detailed information of your order.
Once you have placed your order, it will arrive in 20 business days at most.

If you are not completely satisfied with you product, AUTOMATIC ENTERTAINMENT will change your product. First, you have to send us an email to orders@automatic.com.pe explaining the reason of your claim and once this is accepted we will give you a claim number and instructions about the exchange.

The price for any cd on the catalog is US$ 14

To ship 1 or 2 cd's the aditional cost is:
Perú: US$ 3
South America: US$ 6
North and Central America: US$ 7
Europa: US$ 8
Asia & rest of the world: US$ 10

To ship 3 or 4 cd's the aditional cost is:
Perú: US$ 5
South America: US$ 10
North and Central America: US$ 12
Europa: US$ 14
Asia & rest of the world: US$ 18

For more than 4 cd's please sum US$ 2 per item

Worldwide CD sale:
Resplandor / Elika / Lovesliescrushing / Astrobrite / Theremyn_4 / Kinder

Only South America: Robin Guthrie

Only Perú: The Radio Dept. / Asobi Seksu

Aditional questions to orders@automatic.com.pe



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