AUTOMATIC ENTERTAINMENT is a production company and a record label with main office in Lima-Peru which has the objective of being an alternative within the cultural and musical scene, making events, concerts and installations and editing national and foreign records of bands and independent projects.


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Sound artist. He works in the experimental music field and the sound installations. When he plays music, he alternates pieces based on field recordings together with the manipulation of different sound sources using the noise as an aesthetic-expressive element.

He studied music, audio and organization of sounds with Jorge Haro and musical avant-garde with Alejandro Novoa, at LIMP of Centro Cultural Recoleta.

On 2000, he was finalist in Music category at the Bienal Bridgestone de Arte Joven (Bridgestone Young Art Biennal) in Buenos Aires, and during 2003, he was selected resident musician for Multidisciplinary Researches Laboratory from The Modern Art Museum in Buenos Aires.

He has edited CDs in different music labels in Argentina and Europe performing acousmatic concerts and installations in Argentina, Chile, Spain, Portugal and Holland.

He played at international festivals like Sónar (Spain), LEM (Spain), Observatori (Spain), Experimentaclub (Spain), and Worm (Holland).

He has composed pieces and concerts in collaboration with prestigious musicians like Zbigniew Karkowski, Francisco López, Gunter Muller and Alan Courtis.

Pablo Reche will be playing together with Resplandor on Thursday, September 28, 2006 at 7 p.m. At Centro Fundación Telefónica (Av. Arequipa 1155, Lima). Likewise, he will perform a second show on Saturday 30 at the same place next to Paruro premise.



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