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Warren Defever is a musician, songwriter and producer from Detroit Michigan, best known for his work with His Name is Alive whose moody late night recordings he's been steadily releasing for the last twenty years. Having spent 13 years with the legendary British label 4AD, HNIA's acoustic and ethereal sounds blended well with the record company's roster including Cocteau Twins, This Mortal Coil, and Dead Can Dance. Mixing influences by groups like Jesus and Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine, Lush, and Stereolab with American folk music and Experimental styles. As a producer Warren Defever has worked with 4AD artists LIcorice, Tarnation, Pale Saint's Ian Masters, That Dog's Rachel Haden, as well as many other groups including Ida, Iggy and the Stooges, Yoko Ono, Thurston Moore, Jello Biafra, Slumber Party, and Faruq Z. Bey.

The HNIA concert experience includes summery songs filled with unexpected noises and a striking diversity of sounds and texture. Older albums like Livonia (4ad, 1990) were mysteriously skeletal, obsessively stripped of all extraneous detail. Later Detrola (Sony, 2006) would be described as “someone singing softly right in your ear,” by Pitchfork, meanwhile David Bowie was putting Detrola in his top ten reccomendations for 2006 and said "it has an early 70s singer/songwriter vibe plus it comes on like Karen Carpenter.” Recent shows reveal equal parts organic, frenetic, and freaked out stylistic jumps as well as firing up an army of homemade electronics. His Name is Alive continues to create an astounding body of work that is exclusively their own.


With Resplandor www.myspace.com/resplandorperu / www.resplandor.com.pe and
Pauchi Sasaki www.pauchi.com


DUSTED (2011) One of the most confusing and unique presences in pop’s underbelly. Gentle kindness, eclipsed by a rush of blissed-out noise

XLR8R (2008) Xmmer is a rewarding trip. And I mean trip: Defever's lo-fi freak-outs mind-meld with the disc's mellower acoustic moments with stunning ease.

BOSTON PHOENIX (2008) Using a modest arts grant to hold a “peace conference” in New York City, the event’s mixture of pretense, play, and utopian hope sheds light on the wellsprings of Defever’s surprising recent music.

BRAINWASHED (2008) HNIA have proven themselves consummate at distilling the essence of intangible emotion, and creating from that essence works which both illuminate, and that are capable of deeply wounding the listener.

TINY MIX TAPES (2008) His Name Is Alive is as haunted as ever...rewards are revealed only to the patient who engage in the hypnotic exchange with the secrets invested in the static presentation.

TIME OUT NYC (2007) If he seemed like a free spirit back when... you ain’t heard nothing yet. Just try to keep up.

PITCHFORK MEDIA (2008) A gorgeous accomplishment, pulling threads of American music-- folk, blues, r&b, gospel-- together with synthesizers and obsessive attention to sound and space, and coming up with a sound that was entirely unique, remarkably natural, and thoroughly pop... we wait to see if another great one is on the way

FILTER (2007) Mysterious and idyllic, organic vocals and spellbinding instrumentation.

CMJ (2007) Something beautiful but devilish, radio pop turned upside-down and inverted with subversive, lo-fi anti-flourishes.

DAVID BOWIE (2006) An early 70s singer/songwriter vibe plus it comes on like Karen Carpenter.

PLAN B (2006) Pure tones ache like winter sunbeams - haunted, wholly out of time or context.

VICE (2006) This latest apparition of noisy folk works pretty well, but it's all over far too quickly.

LOST AT SEA (2006) Spellbinding and eclectic with the ability to be both eerie and gentle.

URB (2006) Pure pop strangeness, thankfully, getting even stranger.

GUARDIAN (2002) This could be the best late night record ever made, a timeless, soulful classic.

PITCHFORK MEDIA (2002) Last Night is at once melancholy, serene and assured.

MILK FACTORY (2002) The epic and haunting title track, possibly one of the best songs heard this year.

DUSTED MAGAZINE (2002) His Name Is Alive is one of the most remarkable creations of the pop underground...it will stand the test of time...Like great movie directors, Defever is making a legacy more than anything.

NME (2002) A silver thread out of the labyrinth.

ALTERNATIVE PRESS (2001) Some of the sexiest most varied makeout music.

BILLBOARD (2001) Someday...may very well be the years best R&B album.

MOJO (2001) Stunning intimate electronica.

NME (2001) Go. Buy. Now.

CMJ (1998) HNIA's genius is in juxtaposing pieces

NME (1998) Defever, deranged svengali, skulks behind the twin singers underpinning the lunacy around him with a stream of motown melodies.

MELODY MAKER Single of the week (1996) HNIA were post rock before they had a name for it.

SPIN (1996) HNIA, whose trademark has been mixing paradise with purgatory, have made an odd little Eden, thats both peaceful and disorienting.

CMJ (1993) Absolutely beautiful, positively stunning, most original and uncategorical...music so good, one could only stand back and let the maelstrom X X destroy you.



VANILIA (2010)

BLUE MOON (2008)

COME TO ME (2007)




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