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Guests: Resplandor / Catervas

The Jesus and Mary Chain is a band formed in Glasgow, Scotland. It is made up by the brothers Jim and William Reid, and also a series of brief collaborators including the most distinguished like Bobby Gillespie (Primal Scream). The band has launched a constant chain of albums, singles and EPs since its formation on 1984 until its dissolution on 1999. On 2007 the band met up again and announced that they were working in a new album.

The Jesus and Mary Chain originally revolutionized on the equality in the songs writing by the two main members. To complete the band's view, the Reid brothers recruit the bass player Douglas Hart and the drummer Murray Dalgish. The band recorded its debut single, «Upside down», launched on October 1984 by Creation Records. Dalglish was replaced after by Bobby Gillespie (who would continue like head of Primal Scream) and William Reid subsequently stated that he had played the drums in the debut single because Dalglish had skill problems. Although the single received a world acclaim by the british review and the band was launched by the New Musical Express, its first concerts were what make people pay attention to it.

The first concerts of The Jesus and Mary Chain have become legendary in the independent circles. Playing before little audiences, the band won its fame playing short period concerts, some of them didn't last more than 10 minutes and consisted of a constant wall of distortions and echos; they also played turning their backs on the public and they did not want to talk with it. Much concerts ended with Reid destroying his equipment that normally was followed by the public's excitement. All of this dazzled the manager and head of Creation Records Alan McGee, who found easy to manage the band. He would just assured that the musical press was present while these facts ocurred. This assured free coverage in newspapers with music sections.

As a part of its latinamerican tour, The Jesus and Mary Chain, will be playing in Lima, at Centro de Convenciones Scencia on November 6.

Guests: Resplandor
/ Catervas

Thursday, November 6 at Centro de Convenciones Scencia

(AV. LA MOLINA corner 11, LA MOLINA, intersection Av. Javier Prado)

Tickets Sale
The tickets will be sold at Teleticket de Wong and Metro since Saturday, September 13. The VIP tickets of The Jesus & Mary Chain show include the access to the Mark Gardener (Ride) show.

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More information about Elika in Catervas in www.catervas.com or www.myspace.com/catervas



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